The hottest apps on the market

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Depending on what you're looking for, these are the hottest apps on the market that you need to have on your phone yesterday!

  1. Clubhouse (CH) - This unique app allows users to communicate with different people, globally through live voice discussions. If you are video-shy like me, this app is for you. If you are an entrepreneur, it is great for networking and gaining valuable business advice. Follow Me on CH: @KissMyClass21

2. AnchorFM - An app where you can listen and start your own podcast for free. They give you all of the tools and allow you to promote advertisements to make money. I do not have a podcast on there but you're welcome to click the link to follow LovelyTi on AnchorFM.

3. Tik Tok - This app allows the user to watch videos, listen to music and record videos. This app is for teens or young adults. According to the Google Play Store, this app has over 1 billion downloads.

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