Hackers Sold T-Mobile Customer’s Data on Dark Web

A hacker on a dark web forum “is asking for 6 bitcoin, around $270,000, for a subset of the data containing 30 million social security numbers and driver licenses” (Cox, 2021). On August 16, 2021, the company confirmed that hackers stole 100 million users’ data. The hackers stole data that “includes social security numbers, phone numbers, names, physical addresses, unique IMEI numbers, and driver licenses information… [A]lthough it appears T-Mobile has since kicked them out of the hacked servers, the seller had already downloaded the data locally” (Cox, 2021). This is a major problem because the hacker can backup the data on multiple servers and access the data whenever they want. They are working with the police to investigate who took the data. On T-Mobile’s website, the company recommends their customers protect themselves by:

· Protect[ing] your identity with McAfee. Click the link here to sign up for McAfee ID Theft Protection Service FREE for two years provided by T-Mobile. This service provides dark web and credit monitoring, full-service ID resolution, $1 million identity insurance, lost wallet recovery, and much more.

· Set up or change your pin by call[ing] 611

· Change your password on your online account

· Use [the] Account Takeover Protection capabilities by calling Customer Care at 611 on your phone. This free service helps protect against an unauthorized user fraudulently porting out and stealing your phone number

· Activate scam shield. Tap into our network’s advanced scam-blocking protection and use anti-scam features such as Scam ID, Scam Block, and Caller ID—FREE to all T-Mobile customers (Our Response to the Data Breach (Aug 2021) | T-Mobile, 2021).

Hopefully T-Mobile and law enforcement will be able to find out who the hacker is and prosecute them to the full letter of the law.


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