Frag Attacks

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

There is a new security attack called Frag Attacks or fragmentation and aggregation attacks where hackers can steal data from routers and smartphones (Katz, 2021). The hacker gets close to the device then:

insert[s] plaintext frames into a … Wi-Fi network. Because certain devices trust plaintext aggregated frames that look like handshake messages… hackers could then intercept traffic to the device in question by tricking the target into using an evil DNS server (Katz, 2021).

Users should be updating their devices frequently, use a VPN, backup information, use an uncommon password or multi-factor authentication, don’t use the same passwords for everything and use HTTPs for secure access (Vaas, 2021). This security vulnerability affects routers and Wireless Access point in a typical enterprise network infrastructure. There are three different ways that Frag attacks affect the enterprise network infrastructures:

The first way that the Frag attacks affect smartphones and routers is by taking a user’s login credentials. In order to do this, the user will use a malicious DNS server and breaches the router by bypassing the firewall. The second way is by misusing the device by “remotely flipping a smart power socket on and off; and the third way is by serving as a foothold to launch advanced attacks, particularly by hijacking an outdated Windows 7 machine inside a local network.” (Vaas, 2021).

These attacks can happen to anyone that posses these devices. If a user follows the above security measures, the attacks will be least likely to compromise their devices.


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