COVID-19: The Perfect Opportunity for Hackers

“Cybercrime … has increased by 600% since the beginning of the global pandemic” (Firch, 2021). People have taken advantage of this pandemic in a negative way. With many people out of work, unable to feed their family, pay their rent and utilities, there are people that are inventing scams to make money. They are creating fake business names and defrauding the government of up to millions of dollars via the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which is for small businesses to pay for business expenses and pay their employees for lost wages. There are people that are getting unemployment benefits and have not worked in a day in their life. Lastly, there are people that are doing scams online stealing people’s information and money. This fact is a growing problem and it is a shame that people are taking advantage of people during a time of uncertainty and distress.


Firch, J. (2021, April 29). 10 Cyber Security Trends You Can't Ignore In 2021. PurpleSec.

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